The War Between the Clouds and the Earth – Part Four

Sinkmere had hair all of green; but it was not a pleasant kind of green, more of a sickly, seaweedy kind of green, and her mouth gaped open like a cave.

She gurgled with pleasure as she said to Kay:

“I have a skin, yet no body; I can run, but have no legs; I can spit, yet I have no mouth. What am I?”

The three witches looked expectantly at Kay, and they licked their lips, for they were hungry, and she looked juicy and good for eating.

Kay thought for a long time, until finally she said:

“Water! The answer’s water.”

And the three witches cursed and gnashed their teeth, for that was indeed the right answer.

“You still have two questions!” they hissed. “Split-tooth will go next…”


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