The War Between the Clouds and the Earth – Part Five

Split-tooth’s name was indeed apt, for she had a great split in her front tooth, and those few others she had left were jagged like fangs, and her hair was black and unkempt.

She clapped her hands and smiled as she said to Kay:

“I have a face, yet no eyes; I can kill, yet I cannot move; I am old, yet I do not weaken. What am I?”

Again, the three witches looked expectantly at Kay, and smacked their lips, for they were hungry, and she looked plump, and tender.

Kay thought for a long time, and then finally she said:

“A mountain! The answer’s a mountain.”

And the three witches wailed, and tore their garments, for that was indeed the right answer.

“You still have one question!” they rasped. “Sly will go next…”


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