Gallybeggar questionnaire – Susan Cartwright-Smith

This is the first in an occasional series of short questions for fellow writers & bloggers. First up, Cumbrian writer Susan Cartwright-Smith –

Hello! Where are you right now?

I am in my living room watching my boys watching Star Trek 4.

What’s the first book you remember reading (or having read to you)?

The first book I remember reading was an alphabet type book. Q was for quagga.

What are you reading at the moment?

 I find little time for reading as I end up reading bedtime stories to the boys. I am reading “Wintersmith” to my 10 year old at the moment. I also have to read a terribly dry book about WW1 recruitments for research.

Are you writing at present? And if so, what are you working on?

I am writing a story about a Pals Battalion in WW1. Its a slow go.

As a writer, do you have any kind of regular routine? And are you superstitious about it?

I have no routine. I try to write in the evenings, but am usually exhausted. I write terrible fanfic as a kind of diary, but no-one will ever see it. I have flurries of activity, and periods of muse deprivation.

Summer or winter?

I don’t understand. I PREFER winter, as long as it’s cold. I like things about summer – berries, elderflower, long days for going on bike rides – but I get burned and tired from the heat. And we live in a rain soup-bowl. I like wearing more pairs of gloves than I have hands. I like snow.

Where on the webosphere can people find you?

I don’t have a blog or website as I find it self-indulgent and I’m too British. I wouldn’t know what to write about and I would forget. I’ve forgotten my Myspace login, and I’m sure I set up a blog page and have forgotten it. I’m on Facebook and Twitter: @circlecross73. And Mr Mills posts some of my stuff on his blog. Which is jolly kind of him.

Thank you! 



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