Michael Moorcock’s “Epic Pooh”

Photo: pmpress.org

Hello again.

Just had a read of Michael Moorcock’s essay Epic Pooh, in which he lambasts the – as he sees it – fundamentally conservative nature of much popular epic fantasy (Tolkien, Lewis et al), and thought I’d share it here.

Moorcock makes some very good points, although I would say he undercuts his own argument with a rather snooty tone (when he writes, “all these books seem to be written with a slight lisp… the bulk of English fantasy seems to be written by rabbits, about rabbits and for rabbits” you can almost hear the sneer). Also the countercultural fantasy he helped bring into being back in the Sixties is now probably just as guilty of cliché as the writing it hoped to replace. But still, this is well worth a read.

There’s also a short article about Michael Moorcock from the New Yorker that serves as a handy introduction for those who don’t know much about him.

Thanks for reading.