The latest Gossip & Tales


Just thought I’d post a link to the latest edition of Gossip & Tales, the newsletter of the Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales & Fantasy. Plenty of stuff there to tickle the fancy of any folklore fan, including an upcoming symposium on Lewis Carroll (Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland celebrates its 150th anniversary this year), and talks by Kate Mosse and by the writer Jacqueline Simpson, who co-authored, with Terry Pratchett, The Folklore of Discworld. Yesterday she wrote this moving testimonial to him:

Sir Terry Pratchett, whose death we mourn today, wrote fantasies which probed far deeper into human nature than other writings of this genre. He is rightly famed for his wit, his verbal dexterity, and ingenious plotting, but more powerful than all these is his rage against the cruelties of men, of society, of nature, gods and fate.

Everyone at the 2014 Convention was given a booklet from him, as he could not be there himself. It includes a message of advice, and the best I can say is quote bits of it:

        “Spread joy wherever possible. Laugh at jokes. Tell jokes. Make puns and bugger the embuggerances. . . . Question authority. Champion good causes. Speak out against injustice. . . . . Make the world you interface with a happier place. . . . Live. Strive. Love.”


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