Before the Flood

Those of us living in the UK can’t fail to have seen and heard about the devastating flooding caused by Storm Desmond last weekend, and been moved by the stories of people whose businesses and homes were wrecked, in some cases for the third time in a decade.

The hardest hit part of England was Cumbria, and I was only there on holiday the week before the storm hit. Already then the rivers were running high and fast, but I don’t think anyone had any inkling that they were going to burst their banks, especially as new flood defences had only recently been completed.

Below are a few photos I took, of Keswick, and Cockermouth, and Carlisle, three of the towns most affected, only days before the flooding, and I hope the people there are able to get back on their feet soon – those of us who love this part of the world know what a special place it is, and I wish everybody there all the best.


Crow Park, Keswick. If you look hard you may be able to see a rainbow…


The Bowder Stone, Borrowdale, near Keswick.


Memorial to William Wordsworth, Cockermouth.


William and Dorothy Wordsworth’s childhood home, Cockermouth.




Carlisle Castle.


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